Chalkboard Pennant Set

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Chalkboard Pennant Set

Celebrate any upcoming occasion with this precious throw-back chalkboard pennant set. Adults and children alike will love filling in the 18 blank pennants with imagination and chalk. Re-use this chalkboard pennant for any and all holidays and special occasions!

Each pennant set includes:

    •    Three ribbons for festive options-hot pink velvet, golf glitter, and lime green glitter (15 feet each)
    •    18 Fabric Chalkboard Pennants
    •    6 pieces of chalk (assorted colors)

Additional information: String as many pennants as you need (up to 18) on your choice of three ribbons to create a custom holiday or special occasion message. We recommend priming the chalkboard fabric by first rubbing the side of chalk over the entire surface and then wiping with a cloth. This will allow your chalk designs to show up better on the fabric. Pennants can be cleaned by simply wiping with a cloth.

Made in China.